How to Fix the Issue: Power Bank Blinking But Not Charging

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We got an email to inquire about the power bank blinking issue. Let us talk about this topic today.

LED Indicator Lights and Functions

Generally, most power banks have 4 indicator lights to show the battery charging state like below. 

0%-25%: 1st indicator blinking

25%-50%: 2nd indicator blinking

50%-75%: 3rd indicator blinking

75%-100%: 4th indicator blinking

If you like to check the state, press the power button.

When you get 4 steady indicator lights, it means your power bank is fully charged.

In reverse, 4 indicators will blink and down to 1 indicator when you charge your mobile phone with a power bank.

When only 1 indicator blink, it is better to disconnect to prevent the power bank from discharging to empty. It may degenerate the battery.

Why LED Lights Blinking But Power Bank Won’t Charge

You may face that the power bank is without power while the indicators are blinking after several hours. You check it, and it all seems right, as usual, charging there. 

Does it mean the power bank died? Or what is wrong with it? 

It has different conditions. So we cannot answer it for one reason.

Here are some reasons and solutions you can do.

1. Power Cable Issue

1.1 May it is the cable connection issue. Just check if the socket fits right and if any debris inside.

1.2 May, the cable cannot support charging. You can use the cheap lines a few times only. Or it does not support fast charging as power banks required.

2.Charging Adapter Issue

May the adapter be out of work, or the charging value is too low. Just try another adapter to see the result. Replace it if it works.

3.Power Source Issue

The charging current of the computer is 0.5A. Try charging the power bank with a wall socket.

4.Power Bank Issue

The power bank may have internal failure after a hard shock or place in a hot environment for a long time. Or the battery life is done if you used it for 300-1000 power cycles (different brands and models vary). 

How to Do If The Power Bank has Died

If you check that all other things are right and confirm the power bank is with an issue, here is what you can do.

1.Check the warranty and contact the supplier for a solution if within the warranty period. (12-36 months) 

2.Go to the local electrical repair shop if it is out of warranty. In most cases, the repair shop can fix the issues. You can decide if it is worth doing.

3.There is no solution after going through the above 2 steps. Just dispose of your power bank. But please do it eco-friendly.


When the power bank is blinking, but it is not in actual charge, it does not mean the power bank is broken. Just check with the different solutions and see how to handle it.

And here is one thing to be noticed. Do not open the power bank by yourself. 

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