What Are TWS Headphones?

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While traditional wired earbuds cost like a sandwich and Apple’s AirPods cost 160 damned dollars, the market is crazy about the new amazing things.

Today I’m going to share with you all the things about TWS, including the advantages and disadvantages.

What is TWS?

TWS is short for True Wireless Stereo. And TWS technology is based on the development of Bluetooth chip technology. 

So how does it work?

When the phone connects to the master earbud, the master earbud will connect to the other earbud by Bluetooth wireless mode quickly. Then it achieves the separate use of the left and right channels. Most earbuds have dural master earbuds, so you do not worry about which earbud needs to connect first.

If you like to know about history, we have to talk about Apple here. In 2016, Apple removed the regular 3.5m jack for iPhone 7, which leads to the rapid development of the Bluetooth headphone market. And Airpods helps the industry upgrade to a new advanced channel as well.

Advantages of Using TWS Headphones


The TWS Bluetooth headphones do not require a wired connection and get rid of traditional headphones’ shackles. The left and right headphones build a stereo system via Bluetooth, which improves the experience of listening, talking, and wearing. If you add professional acoustic technology and intelligent AI algorithm noise reduction technology, you can achieve a perfect sound experience. Whether voice calls, music enjoyment, mountain climbing, or safe driving, it is not restricted. Also, it is better to share the music with friends because without cable limits.


With the rapid development, the TWS headset has experienced the road of intelligence. It is not only a hardware product but also transforms into a smart interactive thing with Apps. More and more Bluetooth chip manufacturers have upgraded the 5.0 version to embedded serial flash memory. So it can be more flexible for customer software upgrades and support third-party software migration. 

Disadvantages of Using TWS Headphones

Battery Life

The problem of battery life ranks first among all problems. Because of the ergonomic in-ear design, most TWS headphones are compact-in-ear or semi-in-ear. So the battery capacity of a single headphone is only between 25-60mAh. And the longest single-use time is no more than 4 hours if fully charged. Of course, I believe that the follow-up will do better. The premise is a breakthrough in battery technology. 

Noise Reduction in Complex Environments

Not every TWS manufacturer has studied acoustics, and there are very few companies specializing in acoustic technology in China. In the era of smartphones, noise reduction technology achieves the effect through methods such as network optimization, hardware support, and software assistance. Among the mid-to-high-end brands we tested, almost no noise reduction experience has reached our satisfaction.

The Bottleneck of Wireless Transmission Distance

Like we mentioned before, the TWS technology is based on Bluetooth technology. According to the Bluetooth 4.2 protocol, its theoretical call range can reach 100 meters, and the new Bluetooth 5.0 theory can reach 300 meters. However, the complex environment, circuit itself, radio frequency interference, and many other problems limit its use distance. Depends on actual measurement data, the mainstream use range in the market is 10 meters, and the farthest is only 12 meters. From the perspective of application scenarios, it is unable to meet the user needs. 

Sound Quality and Sound Effects

From Amazon’s product data, many bad reviews feedback that the sound quality is too low. Besides the need for good chips and solutions, the right materials for the hardware are also needed for sound effects. On the other hand, it also requires professional tuning on hardware and software. 


While TWS earphones have some disadvantages, it is the infuriating vision of the future. According to Statista‘s data, the global TWS headsets market size will be valued at USD 110 million in 2020 while it was USD 15 million in 2016. And it will keep going. Morui will have some new ANC wireless earbuds soon. Let’s do something together!

Hi, I’m Ryan Gao, a father of 2 kids, also the content manager of MoruiPower.com. I’ve been working on consumer electronics for 8 years now. On this site, I like to share with you the knowledge related to power banks, wireless headphones, and portable power stations from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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