Everything You Should Know About Power Bank Exploding

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Today Jay (one of my friends) asked me if the power bank would explore. 

The answer is yes.

So that’s why the airlines don’t allow power banks in their cargo areas. If a portable charger exploded and catches fire in an airplane cargo, the result will be devastating. 

Why Do Power Bank Explode

Most power banks are built with Li-ion batteries. 

Just like a tank of gasoline or a bullet in a gun, a battery has a lot of energy in it. If that energy releases in a way we don’t want it to be, a fire can occur or even an explosion. 

It is the simplest way to understand why a power bank would catch fire and explode.

There are a lot of pieces and processes that go into making the power bank work. If any of those processes go wrong, there’s a chance for energy to be released.

The electrolyte solvent inside the battery is flammable. So when the battery can’t vent and build up pressure as the electrolyte burns, it explodes.

According to our previous research, the main reason for power banks exploding is the imperfect circuit. It is in lousy welding (sometimes with contaminants). Or it does not have the proper circuits insulated to prevent short circuits. It leads to overheating, then fires and explodes.

Of course, some small factories sacrifice battery quality to get a low price. It has the danger as well.

And as a user, it will cause a fire if you put the power bank in extreme conditions, such as leaving it in high temperature or humidity. 

How To Handle The Power Bank On Fire

If the power bank is on fire, the 1st thing is to make it stay away from anything flammable. Make sure that you are safe, then put the fire out. If you have a fire extinguisher around, it is a good thing to use. 

For more information, please refer to the article at Battery University

How To Avoid Any Power Bank Explosions

Here is our advice for you to avoid any power bank incidents:

1. Keep it cool

Always place the power bank in a cooler place, especially in summer. 

2. Pay attention to charging

When the power bank charges to full, please disconnect it. Do not let it overcharge.

3. Do not do pass-through charging

We have talked about pass-through charging before. We know not all the power banks support it, so it is better not to do it.

4.Do not use the inferior charging adapter

Do not buy the charging adapter because of the low price. The quality of the cheap charger is not guaranteed. It may also cause the explosion of the power bank.

5.Do not drop, bump or squeeze the power bank

Dropping, bumping, or squeezing may cause internal parts misalignment, battery leakage, etc., which may cause the power bank to explode.

6.Do not use the power bank if it bugles 

Some people do not take it seriously. They think that it would not affect the charging and continue to use it. It is pretty wrong. The power bank case’s bulging proves that it can no longer be used and must be thrown away immediately.

7.Discard it eco-friendly

The power bank is built with batteries. Please do not throw it on the garbage like regular rubbish; make sure to safely dispose of it.


Although power banks seem dangerous by media reports, it is alarmist.

Undoubtedly, the power bank has a chance to explode. But the probability is pretty small. 

Suppose you use the power bank from reputable brands. In that case, you must rest assured because they meet the highest safety standards and have been appropriately tested.

As users, it’s essential to take the time to read the product manuals. It will help you use the product better.

Hi, I’m Ryan Gao, a father of 2 kids, also the content manager of MoruiPower.com. I’ve been working on consumer electronics for 8 years now. On this site, I like to share with you the knowledge related to power banks, wireless headphones, and portable power stations from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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